2012's top unlikely fashionistas

Just when you thought you have seen everything, top unlikely fashionistas come to the scene. These are the people you would never have imagined to start a trend, let alone become fashion and beauty icons. From celebrities to ordinary people, unlikely fashionistas are born all the time. Let us take a look at a few on the list.

Our picks

Our list of the top unlikely fashionistas consists of celebrities and ordinary people who achieved fame because of their styles.

  • Kelly Osbourne

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne traded her dark, brooding gothic look for a shot at sensible fashion. Kelly now wears clean and lighter make up and clothes. She combines soft fashion with a touch of purple punk hair.

  • Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame does not really care much about fashion. However, when she dresses up we and others take notice.

  • Cassandra Bankson

The American teenager might be fighting with acne but when she shared this with the rest of the world, it instantly became viral. She even catwalked for the New York Fashion Week.

  • Tavi Gevinson

Let us not forget Tavi Gevinson, American fashion blogger who started at the age of 11. Now 17, she is the editor of her own site, Rookie Style aimed at teenagers.

  • Grandpa Liu Xinaping

Then there’s Liu Xinaping, the 72-year old grandfather seen modelling his granddaughter’s designs. From winter coats to preppy dresses, Xinaping made an impact on the internet and boosted sales of Yuekou, the online clothing retail store of his granddaughter.

  • Anastasiya Shpagina

Ukrainian Anastasiya Shpagina re-creates the Japanese anime look. She looks like an anime doll herself. The 19-year old uploads beauty tutorials on how to achieve the anime look. ‘Flower Fairy’ is one of the most popular videos on You Tube.

  • Valeria Lukyanova

While we're on the subject of dolls, let's talk about a human Barbie in the person of Valeria Lukyanova. The Russian beauty with her small waist, long blonde locks and blue eyes epitomizes a Barbie doll with thousands of fans on Facebook.

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The top unlikely fashionistas made us smile, but best of all caught us by surprise with their styles. From unknown people shooting to fame to celebrities making a turnaround, we see that these unlikely fashionistas have an influence in the fashion and the real world convincing others of their quirky styles or just thinking about emulating them.

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