Top trend Halloween costumes for 2014

What are you going to be this Halloween? Whether you are looking for idea that inspire you or want to know what everybody else is going to wear (so you won't copy them!) take a look at our short guide on the hottest Halloween costume trends for 2014.

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Amongst the top trends, Forzen prevails as undiscussed number 1: the hugely loved, Oscar winning animation by Disney has conquered the hearts of children and their parents alike, so there will be many running after a full suited Elsa or Anna costume. While many to choose from on internet ( http://bit.ly/ZuuyxN ), at Disney stores as well as high street shops are dedicated to children sizes, you can also find a brilliant range of handmade Frozen inspired fancy dresses for all sizes on Etsy.com UK (http://etsy.me/1vS6kIl)

Another visually stunning source of ideas for Halloween 2014 that is also rated amongst the hottest trends is Game of Thrones. The amazing fantasy drama television series, based on George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novel, has earned a huge and passionate fan base that possibly would parade in Oberyn Martell or Arya Stark outfits every day of the year if that wouldn't look a bit crazy. So, rejoice! The time has come to embrace the looks of your favourite Game of Thrones character and become the Halloween ball hero!

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But let's go back to Disney: its other 2014 blockbuster movie inspired the third hottest costume trend for Halloween, so get ready to mount a pair of black horns and cape for a Maleficent look and make it a true night of the witch! Here the complete outfit as worn by Angelina Jolie in the movie and don't forget to bring matching little Aurora. Alternatively, you can mix and match from the many items in the Maleficent range available on Ebay and Etsy.

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