Top ski wear brands

If you want to look good on the slopes, now is the time to learn about the different ski wear brands available. Knowing about the different brands and styles will help you get quality at the lowest personal price. Especially when buying snow boots and ski jackets, which can be very expensive. To start, Simplypiste.com is a great place to go if you want to know about skiing. The site contains product reviews, advice columns, and all the gear that you could possibly need. Another good site to visit is Abc-of-skiing.com/buying-guide. This site will go over all the basics of buying ski wear.


It is hard to know what to buy when purchasing ski wear because there is so much to choose from. By narrowing out your options, you’ll be able to shop a lot smarter. Review the following lists of top brands:

  • Ski Jackets (Men) – Salomon, Animal, Nike 6-0, Westbeach, The Northface
  • Ski Jackets (Women) – Animal, Westbeach, The North Face, Oakley, Peak Performance, Columbia
  • Ski Pants (Men) – Salomon, Animal, Columbia, Westbeach, The North Face
  • Ski Pants (Women) – Animal, Westbeach, The North Face, Oakley, Peak Performance, Columbia
  • Base Layer (Men) – Columbia, The North Face, Icebreaker, Helly Hansen, Five
  • Base Layer (Women) – Columbia, Five, Helly Hansen, Ice Breaker, North Face


Finding lasting footwear is especially important for skiers. The following is a list of top brands for footwear:

  • Socks – SmartWool, Manbi, The North Face, Bridgedale
  • Footware – DoDo, Yetti, Zesty, Minnie, Zima, Lara


Finally, you will need accessories. Choose between these top brands.

  • Protection Accessories – Head, Manbi, Protec, Red
  • Eyeware – Anon, Bolle, Julbo, Oakley, Scott, Salomon
  • Ski Gloves – Hestra, Manbi, Poivre Blanc

Skiing can be an expensive sport, but with the a little research, you can find great prices. Just remember, in this sport you cannot sacrifice quality for low prices. Choose wisely even when searching the top ski wear brands.

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