Top bags for winter 2012

Winter attire calls for warm rustic coloured sweaters, lots of layers, functional footwear and, of course, a functional yet stylish handbag to go with the mix. Our top bags for winter 2012 are a sure way to spruce up your fashion statement, recommended by the best fashion houses and style magazines.

PVC and leather handbags

Leather (and leather-look clothes) are all the rage in the autumn and winter seasons, so why not finalise your statement with a PVC handbag? If you're not into the chunky arm-candy, try out a PVC purse.

Snakeskin detail bags are a great addition to any leather-clad outfit, but if you're too strapped for cash this winter then you can also opt for snakeskin print look handbags instead.

Bold colours

One of our top bags for winter 2012 is anything with bright bold colours to match chunky sweaters and the retro look that comes with this year's winter fashion. Pierre Hardy's fluorescent neoprene clutch bag is highly recommended if you're looking to really add to your look.

Sequin and pattern handbags

Another one of our top bag recommendations for winter 2012 is any bag with a bright bold sequin pattern or a retro look on the front. This works well, again, with the trending retro look on the high street and is great to match with layered clothing.

Studs and oversized bags

Another great addition to any winter 2012 wardrobe are oversized bags as opposed to purses and small side bags, and anything with a few extra studs in them. With the retro punk look also making a new debut this season, the studded look can work exceptionally well with a winter leather look or retro sweater for any occasion.

Catwalk fashion

Our final top bags for winter 2012 are white and ivory coloured accessories, popular on the catwalk and across leading fashion cities such as Paris and New York. Clutch purses and oversized bags in cream, white or ivory are a must have for the winter season and, if you want to go the extra length, look for anything with added studded or sequin designs.

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