Can You Really Tone Your Bum With Toning Trainers?

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Is it too good to be true, a pair of trainers that will actually perk up your bottom and thin those thighs? That is what many shoe manufacturers are claiming these days with their toning trainers and shoes. Companies such as MBT and Reebok say that just by walking in their specially designed shoes, you can trim a few inches and change your life forever. But can a pair of shoes really change your life; some are saying yes and have the slimmed thighs to prove it!

Toning Trainers Claims

One step in toning trainers is equivalent to three steps in your normal trainers is the biggest claim. Adding to that, by wearing toning trainers you will use up to three times more energy walking than regular trainers to tone your bottom and thighs at the same time.

Toning Trainers Science

Toning shoes are built to rock back and forth, forcing the wearer to use muscles differently. It is a sort of wobble technology as the trainers are designed with an unstable sole so the wearer is constantly using foot, leg and stomach muscles not only for walking but also for standing still.

This unstable surface simulates a mini workout with each step you take. The theory is, just to maintain balance, the legs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles must work harder.

Toning Trainers Results

The big question is - Are they effective? Many consumers have reported that although they did not lose weight, they did drop a size or two in pants. Some consumers noted that their legs became more toned and their agility even increased wearing the shoes.

Whilst there is no harm in trying toning trainers to see what magic they can perform on your bum, experts agree you must use them correctly. They are made specifically for walking; do not use them in the gym or running. Their imbalanced sole could cause you to trip or twist your ankle whilst running or performing sports.


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