Get Fit On The Go With Tone Up Sandals

As soon as the first signs of sunshine appear, we can't wait to pack away our winter boots and heavy shoes, and let our feet breathe in summer sandals. Lightweight, stylish and versatile, sandals have always been a staple choice for men and women everywhere, and now even the sports shoes industry is getting involved with the advent of tone up sandals.

When summer is here, the last thing we want to be doing is spending long hours in the gym. Yet the summer is when we want to be looking our best - it is after all the season of the dreaded swimsuit! Now all our problems can be solved with a pair of tone up sandals. The original pair were launched in 2007 under the brand name FitFlop. According to their website, www.fitflop.com, they claim to increase muscle activity in the legs and bottom, absorb more shock than a regular sandal, and decrease pressure on the joints. Reviews were rave and customers came in their droves - testifying that they did everything from slimming their legs to providing relief from lower back pain and osteoarthritis.

In the years that followed, many other companies have launched their own versions of tone up sandals. Well-known shoe brand Skechers has proved extremely popular with their stylish yet practical range, which can be bought at www.skechers.com. Even high street favourites, Marks and Spencer has created their own Step-Tone range of quality tone up sandals, which can be seen at www.marksandspencer.com.

Originally available only in sporty and casual styles, tone up sandals no longer need to look like sports shoes. Almost all ranges now include more decorative, even sequinned varieties in neutral colours like black and beige, which are perfect to wear from day through to night. Marks and Spencer's range includes a design with a flower corsage, which would look equally good with a daytime tea dress or a more dramatic maxi dress for an evening event. Ranges start from the bargain price of £25, so with so many options out there, what are you waiting for? Have a look online today and find the perfect pair for yourself. After all, if we can get fit and feel comfortable, while still looking stylish, there is surely no better option for summer than the tone up sandal.

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