Fashion tips from Tommy Hilfiger

American fashion designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger founded the lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1985. The brand started out with a men’s fashion collection that focused on Hilfiger’s now trademark button down tees and chinos. Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has added a wide range of women’s and children’s collections as well as a range of acclaimed fragrance collections. Hilfiger’s achievements over the years have cemented his place as an authority among the world’s best designers.

Tommy Hilfiger fashion advice

Tommy Hilfiger advises women to own only one pair of jeans. Speaking to the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the American fashion designer had this to say:

“Women only need one pair of jeans – but they must fit. There are pairs of jeans that are worth spending a lot of money on. Depends on the material. You wear jeans more often than an evening dress or a leather jacket.”

Hilfiger’s advice might be a bit surprising, but it comes at an opportune time when global economic hardships are forcing many people to cutback on spending. His advice is a relief to those of us who feel the pressure to keep up with fashion by buying all the latest designer jeans.

According to the fashion mogul, there is no need to buy many pairs of jeans. Buy only one pair of high-quality, well-fitting jeans and wear those with different accessories for various occasions.

How to pull off the perfect look

On how wearing the perfect look, Hilfiger thinks that many women tend to overdo their look. He adds that this is not 'cool'. According to him:

“The coolest look is the one when you yourself feel very comfortable. There are no longer dictates of fashion. Wear what suits you. It’s hip.”

He then turns to women who want to achieve the perfect look for different occasions and advices:

“Less is more! Not so exaggerated hair, not too much jewellery, not so much make-up, you mustn’t show too much skin which is completely unsexy.”

The take away message

Tommy Hilfiger’s take away message is that people should not follow fashion blindly. He says that what is better is to dress to flatter your personality and shape. And, when a fashion icon like Tommy Hilfiger who has created world acclaimed fashion products like Hilfiger Denim, Red Label and True Star fragrance gives fashion advice, it pay off to listen to what he has to say.

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