Tommy Hilfiger Spring and Summer 2014 collection

Tommy Hilfiger’s 2014 Spring and Summer collection presented on the runway for the New York Fashion Week was based on a laid back Californian atmosphere.

If your dream is the warm and balmy West Coast, beaches, and buffed surfers riding the waves at Huntington Beach, then this 2014 S/S collection is perfect.

Tommy Hilfiger said that the collection was, “the inspiration of Melrose to Malibu, and we brought Malibu to New York. It's California lifestyle, it’s about the sun and the sand, it’s about color, it’s about modernism, it is about a sporty lifestyle.”

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The backdrop for the fashion show was built like a beach boardwalk amid the sand dunes and lifeguard chair in the background for the beach/surf-inspired styles.

There were no de rigueur celebrities in the front row to take in the show, just editors and stylists, as the boss of the American label said he wanted, ‘to return the focus to fashion’ and that “I don’t like the drama in the fashion world. I like to do our thing without the drama.'

The Hilfiger red-white-blue rectangle logo made its way onto neoprene colorblocked garments from , to t-shirts, polos, scuba-inspired skater frocks to flaring miniskirts to wet suit style jackets and super skinny pants and shorts.

While the use of neoprene was a big part of the collection – the trend continues amongst the doubt of fashionistas who believe that fabric will make you hot – there was also cotton and denim garments, ranging from striped tees to oversized basketball jerseys, cotton sweaters but also bathing suits, trikini’s and olive green safari style dresses and mid-calf pants and shorts.

The color palette was bold, from reds to oranges to coral, that remind us of sunsets, and different hues of blue, from the color of the Pacific Ocean to the sunny California sky, white, yellow and grey was also present as were a number of tropical prints.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL New York Fashion Week 2013: Spring/ Summer 2014 Shows - Photo Gallery

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