Tom Ford Eyewear ads banned in Italy

Ever been on holiday to Italy and been stunned by hoardes of melon baring ladies prancing around pre watershed on every telly programme. Including the news? Or watched an Italian family film, packed to the hilt with happy porkage - and not a 12 rating in sight?

Surprising to hear the latest Tom Ford Eyewear ads have been outlawed in Italy for being too smutty then. Tom Ford's eyewear campaign has been whipped off shelves by Italian advertising watchdog IAP for being 'sexually explicit', 'markedly vulgar' and 'offensive to the sensiblities of viewers.'

The adverts show a close up of a woman sporting a pair of the glasses while sucking on a male finger - in a scene which the IAP say evokes "an offending and abusive act against women". The naughty ads have already been plugged by 3 major magazines, including, gasp, fashion juggernaut Italian Vogue.

o there you go. In a country where from football to politics, sexy ladies quite literally sell everything Tom Ford has pushed the boundaries of good taste one finger too far. Not that he cares - the Gucci fashion-lord can't even be bothered to comment!

As we live and breathe.

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