Tom comes to Blighty

Tom Ford will show at London Fashion Week for the first time this February, the Telegraph reports. This is big news for London, which in the past has been seen to play second fiddle to the big three fashion weeks - Milan, Paris and New York.

Ford returned to show in New York last season, after a six year break, and that show was kept firmly as an insider's-only event. His London debut will be a similarly closed-doors affair, says a spokesman for the label, who confirms it 'will only be a small presentation for international monthly magazines'.

Tom Ford has some seriously a-list names in his little black book of fans. His New York show had Julianne Moore, Lauren Hutton and Beyoncé on the catwalk, so it's likely his London 'presentation' will feature some notable faces. With Burberry also bringing some star-power to the capital, since it started showing in 2009, London Fashion Week is now firmly up there as a major contender in the fashion calendar.

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