Timberland 'Earthkeepers' 2013 Spring and Summer collection

Timberland was probably the first ever shoe company to put a logo on their famous boots in 1973, and this was before clothing logos became a popular way of brand identification and marketing, and leading to instant public recognition.

The American shoe company has expanded over the years to include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories and waterproof leather gear.

Besides making excellent shoes and clothes, Timberland also ranks #2 on Climate Counts list of companies who are trying to fight global climate change and their Earthkeepers collection, is just an example of their continuing stride towards protecting the environment.

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You won’t find futuristic designs and super high heels in Timberland’s 2013 Spring and Summer Earthkeepers collection, but you will find casual, comfortable, durable and above all, timeless and classic models that won’t become unfashionable after a single season.

The shoe collection includes a number of wedge sandals, flat closed back sandals, Mary Janes, thongs, classic boat shoes, ballerinas and boots, with the leather coming from a tannery rated Silver for its water, energy and waste management eco-conscious production practices.

The non marking rubber outsoles are made from a certain quantity of recycled rubber, even the fleece lining in their boots is made from 30% recycled plastic bottles, and their canvas shoes are 100% recycled PET ReCanvas and the laces on some of the models are made from 100% organic cotton.

The use of organic cotton and recycled materials also spills over into the brand’s Earthkeepers clothing collection that includes T-shirts, shirts, jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts and parkas.

For example their short parka model is also made with recycled nylon fishing trawler nets for strength, and all the models in the collection just have to be machined washed cold and none have to be dry cleaned, due to the hazardous chemicals used in dry cleaning, which is another way that Timberland is striving to be more eco-friendly.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Timberland 'Earthkeepers' 2013 Spring and Summer collection - Photo Gallery

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