Tie-dyed nails: a how-to guide

Have you always lusted after swirly patterned nails, but then dismissed the idea as a crazy, unattainable ambition? Yep, us too. But tie-dyed nails are all the rage this summer, and according to fashion blogs, they're not too hard to achieve. You just need a little patience... *cue Take That*

According to fashionista.com, it's relatively simple, you just need heaps of patience. They advise that you:

  • 'Apply a basecoat and let it dry. You can also add a coat of color to make the final design richer.
  • Put vaseline on your fingers and cuticles, but not on your nails (It keeps the lacquer from sticking to your fingers.) Some people also recommend tape.
  • Fill a shallow bowl with water and drip in the color combination you want. It really only takes a few drops of each color.
  • Swirl the polish with a toothpick to get the desired effect.
  • Dip fingertips in and soak for a minute or two to let the polish really stick.
  • Pull your fingers out, let excess water dry, then cover with a top coat.'

See, easy peasy! But definitely a project to tackle on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we advise.

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