Three fancy dress shops in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is full of people that love dressing up, whether for Halloween or just a general birthday bash. There are a number of fancy dress shops in Edinburgh that is makes it difficult to determine the best options.

Costume Ha Ha is just one of the many fancy dress shops in Edinburgh and located close to the Grassmarket. There are a range of costumes to hire, whether you want to go as your favourite TV character or looking for Christmas costume ideas. There is a hire fee of between £15 and £40, depending on the costume and you will need to put a deposit down, which is between £20 and £150.

Party Mania is the largest of all fancy dress shops in Edinburgh and has costumes that are perfect for the whole family. There are costumes perfect for hen dos or Halloween parties or you can opt for a few simple accessories to add to an outfit that you already have. Prices range between £30 and £50 for adults, depending on the type of costume that you buy, and between £10 and £20 for babies and toddlers.

Stir Crazy is another one of the fancy dress shops in Edinburgh and offers a wide range of designs and styles. There are full costumes for as little as £5, depending on what you are interested in; the prices go up to £60. There are also separate accessories available, if you just want to add to a costume that you already have.

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