Things not to wear on a party night

Getting dressed up for a party is one of the fun things that you can do. But, there are also stuff that you should not be caught in when attending an event or a celebration. Take a look at these things so you will not make a faux pas.

Dressing tips

Here are valuable dressing pointers when attending party night.

  • Define the occasion
  • There are many types of parties from informal gatherings that are decided on the spur of the moment to a debutante's ball that is planned months or years in advance. You can also be invited for a cocktail, a hen party or a wedding event. For each occasion and event, there is an appropriate dress that you can wear. Make sure you know where you are going to so that you can wear the right clothes.

  • Check the venue
  • Is the party going to be held in a closed venue or open space? Therefore, you should not wear too many layers of clothing when you know that the party will be held in a closed ballroom where dancing will probably take place. On the same note, if it will happen outdoors and the weather will become chilly afterwards, make sure to have an extra jumper on hand.

  • Dress up appropriately
  • At all costs, do not disgrace the occasion by dressing up in inappropriate clothes. For instance, if you are attending a business cocktail reception in the evening, you cannot show up dressed in ripped jeans and oversized shirts. Nor should you make an appearance in a glittery mini dress looking as if you will go to the disco. Similarly, for informal occasions, you should not be too overdressed by wearing a long gown or a shimmering cocktail dress.

  • Wear the right accessories
  • To complement your outfits, there are many accessories that you can wear to make them stand out. Consider matching your clothes with the right handbag, shoes, belts, scarfs and jewellery.

  • What to wear
  • When all the above are known factors, here are outfit suggestions for a great party night:

  • Tunic dress
  • Short bandage dress
  • Lace dress
  • Skinny jeans and top
  • Hem dresses
  • Onesies
  • Sequins dress
  • Colours

    Black, orange, silver and gold

    Bring in the party spirit

    Above all, dressing up for a party has a very important element - the party spirit. Whether you are dressed in casual clothes or formal garbs, it is vital that you bring in the party spirit and have a great time.

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