therashoe women s toning sandal - does it do exactly what it says on the tin?

A new craze of exercise shoes specifically targeted at women have flooded the market as of late. Brands such as Reebok and Therashoe have designed shoes like shape-ups and the therashoe women s toning sandal. These shoes promise a fitter, more toned body with no added effort. They are designed with the idea of walking on an uneven or unstable base, like that of dry sand. This forces your body to use muscles that you would usually never engage. They have an extreme curve on the sole and are supposed to resemble a Swiss ball (balance ball). Can all the promises of the companies be true? Is a toned, lean, fit body as simple as walking on a mini Swiss-ball? Or do these shoes come with undesirable effects that the major companies are slow to tell us?

These "rocker" shoes where originally designed for patients suffering from diabetes, however, they are now being marketed heavily at women for women wishing to tone up. They claim to activate your calf, quads and buttocks. They also change your gait and posture taken pressure off your joints. A new study conducted by the American Council on Exercise(ACE) however, has shown that toning shoes do not help with calorie burning, muscle strength and tone.

Cary M. Golub, DPM, a podiatrist in Long Beach, N.Y is quoted as saying "These shoes put the strain on your hamstrings and glutes, so if you are not athletic or a seasoned walker, they may hurt the muscles that they are supposed to help," Golub says. "If you are not used to firing these muscles, the shoes may hurt." He does however, go on to say they can help people with heel pain and also give extra support to the ankle, which is of course beneficial. A word of advice though break the shoes in slowly don't start off with a ten mile hike, go slow and build your way up to a fitter body.

Overall, the shoes do not have any long term known effects and they do act as an encourager to people to get off the couch and on to the treadmill. Which is never a bad thing. The therashoe women s toning sandal is a good shoe to look at and can be found here on Amazon for very little money.



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