The week the women went

Imagine if all the women in your neighbourhood suddenly upped sticks and left, leaving husbands and kids to fend completely for themselves. Well whaddaya know, a Canadian TV show, ‘The Week The Women Went’, has done exactly that - plucking an entire 760 women from their prarie community and gawping with glee at the resulting havoc. All in the name of a 'social experiment' of course. (That's TV speak for ratings winner)

While the women were packed off for a week to a posh resort, the menfolk grappled with that most slippery of concepts, ‘the double shift’. (If you're not sure what that means you're not a woman).So how did the lads get on with the backbone of the house removed? Skilled multi-taskers or beans on toast for tea every night and social collapse?

'Two kids, under 5, how hard can it really be?’ quipped one male participant hopefully, before realizing that the answer is actually. Very hard. In the end the men coped using that age old art form - delegation. Elderly male relatives were wheeled in to help with childcare, (bonus points for utilising the aging population boys), designated cooks to light the communal BBQ’s, and an extended licence at the liquour store.

Men have branded the show sexist. Women, revealing. We of course think it’s a great way to foster harmony and understanding between the sexes. Only one quibble though - can't it last longer than a week?

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