The wave of new snowboard boots in the market

There are amazing deals right now on snowboard boots. You don’t want to miss out. This article will help you find the best deals and the best places to purchase your brand new boots.

Web Sites

  • Slidesnowboardstore.co.uk - This website has shoes made specifically for snowboarders.
  • Twoseasons.co.uk - This site has a huge range of snowboard boots.
  • Thesnowboardshop.co.uk - At this site, you can find snowboard boots for men and women at excellent prices.


Slidesnowboardstore.co.uk has great shoes, but hardly any sale prices. Sometimes it is best to pay extra for the right thing. The sales they do have are great, like the Burton Coco Snowboard boots, which were originally £109.00 and now £55.00.

At Twoseasons.co.uk there is such a great selection of brand name snowboard boots that it is hard to know where to start. There aren’t a lot of sale prices at this site, but you can definitely find whatever you want. The lowest price that they have here is a Haymaker for £154.95.

Thesnowboardshop.co.uk has a wide selection and great prices. Women’s Salomon Pearl snowboard boots that used to be £120 are now only £96. Men’s Burton Moto snowboard boots went down from £130.00 to £103.99.


Now that you know what the prices are like and where to go, it is time to find the right pair for you. You might want to grab a new pair of snow boots while you are at it. These sales aren’t going to last forever. With these great prices, there is no reason to hesitate anyway. Check the Internet for other great buys and get out there and buy your new snowboard boots.

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