The Sound System in a Jacket

As the Christmas rush for novelty presents began in earnest this week, the retailers were launching the weird, the wonderful, the practical and the irresistible across the high streets. Debenhams was straight out of the blocks with their slick new piece of leisurewear, known as ‘The Sound System in a Jacket’

The jacket which features built-in headphones, speakers and a control system is designed by C.VOX (Communiqué Vox). Despite coming fully loaded with a top-of-the-range sound system to keep those basslines rolling while you’re out strolling, the quilted black slice of urban style is fully machine washable.

As well as playing music, the coat acts as a hands free system for mobile phone calls. A connector point within the lining is compatible with all mp3 and mobile phone devices while the control system in the sleeve allows the wearer to play, pause and skip tracks on the music player as well as to answer and hang up calls. The earphones are wired through the jacket and concealed in the collar to avoid them getting hopelessly tangled

With a reported 25% rise in muggings and petty thefts centred on mobile phones and mobile multimedia devices, perhaps the most attractive aspect of this new addition to digital fashion is the potential for concealing expensive technology from the vagaries of opportunist thieves.

Paul Baldwin, the head of menswear buying at Debenhams, said that the retailer was "thrilled to be offering such an innovative product to our customers", while Peter Layzell, a spokesperson for C.VOX, said that the jacket was created to "push the boundaries in functional technology and fashion".

Though perhaps not offering quite the same niche musical satisfaction as other digital threads like the wearable drum machine t-shirts which allows people to construct rhythms on the morning commute, it’s potential for reaching a far higher audience is undeniable. The jackets are on sale now at all Debenhams stores so if you are at a loss for an original gift, this could be the answer

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