The size Zero model war: from catwalk to billboard

The campaign against size zero models has stepped off the catwalk and on to the billboards causing a stir across Italy and heated debate in the fashion world.

Italian women's wear brand Nolita is dominating the headlines at Milan fashion week thanks to an advert that's riling fashionistas and campaigners alike. It portrays disturbing images of 27-year-old French model Isabelle Caro, who weighs just 31kg (4st 12lb).

Slapped with the phrase "No Anorexia" Nolita may have shot itself in the foot with its peers by using the model for the controversial promotion.

The photographer is no stranger to head turning controversy. Oliviero Toscani was also behind the infamous Benetton advertising campaigns during the 80s and 90s, including the portrait of David Kirby who was dying of Aids. Nolita's campaign has not gone down well with Georgio Armarni or Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who have all questioned the ad's suitability.

Model Isabelle Caro is well known in France for her blog which talks about her condition.

(Image: La Sterpaia's Flickr Stream)

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