The real election battle

We realise that we're coming to this particular party late in the day - indeed, if it was a party, all the nibbles would have been scoffed, and the only booze would be the remnants of Tia Maria. There is a good reason why we've waited until almost the end of the election to write about SamCam and Sarah Brown, and that's because (okay, we'll be honest), we think their dress sense is utterly dull and devoid of any panache and excitement.

Of course, the dress sense of politician's wives has improved, and long gone are the days of Norma with her twinsets and pleated beige skirts. The fashion press pours forth flattery of Sam and Sarah's frock choices - with Vogue gushing: 'As the creative director for Smythson, Samantha Cameron has obvious fashion credentials (with a flair for mixing high end - Erdem and Phillip Lim - with high street - Zara and Topshop), and she has won plaudits for her style choices at the Conservative Party conference and on the campaign trail. The Tories have dubbed her their 'secret weapon' and now, having announced that she is pregnant, her wardrobe has taken on a pretty (not mumsy) maternity tilt.' While we remain unconvinced - it's just a bit of high end high street (Zara, Cos, Banana Republic) mixed with British designers (always bloomin' Erdem), why all the fuss?

So, our scepticism aside, who gets your vote?

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