The perfect vintage

William Bank-Blaney has long been popular with celebrities and the uber rich for his private collection of exquisite vintage clothes, representing a veritable archive of fashion history. But now, we plebs can get in on the act; William is setting up shop in a little corner of Browns in London.

Ruth Runberg, buying director at Browns told Vogue, 'I adore well-curated vintage and, being newish to London, hadn't found a good spot to shop. So, when I saw the Vogue posting on William's new shop, I made an appointment to see his collections - not as a buyer but simply for myself. In the several hours I spent with Will walking through his collections, I told him I worked for Browns and I was delighted to hear that he loves our shop and would be interested in collaborating. And the rest is history!'

The vintage collection will be updated at Browns once a week, and includes designs by Dior and Givenchy.

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