The Olsens reveal trade secrets

Oslen twins Mary Kate and Ashley have created a fashion storm around their new high-end fashion label, The Row, with the likes of Michelle Obama wearing their pieces, and the New York Fashion council queueing up to shower them with acolades. Must be galling if you're an impoverished fashion student who's studied the craft for years. Anyway, here's how they explain their design process.

Ashley told Grazia, ‘It all starts with the fabrics . . . Then we go into kind of silhouette development, so we start figuring out our silhouettes, what we’re liking, what we’re leaning towards . . .then we start our pattern making off the silhouettes that we’re liking and the consistent themes that we start finding, the shapes. So we start twisting the fabrics and then we start trying different fabrics and patterns. And once we have all the fabrics, we have about three weeks to produce the collection.’ Ladies, you're going to have to start explaining your 'craft' slightly better than this vague jumble of words. Otherwise it sounds like you're just sitting in a room, messing about with bits of fabric. Oh, hang on...

Mary-Kate also explained why you don't spot the twins hanging out on front rows with the likes of Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof,‘I really don’t like going to runway shows. I don’t like being around a lot of people, I don’t like being in crowds, so that’s another more personal part of it. It’s hard for me.'

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