The Olsen Empire strikes back

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been very busy tinkering away with their clothing line over the past few years, and are thinking of expanding the range to include bags and shoes, writes Vogue.

The twins set up their label, The Row, in 2007 to fill what they saw as a gap in the luxury market. Since then it was grown slowly but steadily. Ashley explained the thinking behind the brand to WWD: 'I felt there was something missing from the marketplace. I was a shopper. I felt that basic luxury was missing. We started it very small, selling only to one store at a time, starting with Barneys New York.’

Until now the twins have not presented a full catwalk show during the fashion weeks but perhaps that’s set to change as Ashley reveals they have plans to grow the label into a major business: ‘It would be a proper American luxury brand, made in America, with retail businesses and maybe collaborations with other brands’.

Ralph Lauren had better watch out…

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