The New Choo Must-Chav?

The story of the Ugg boot has been packed with highs and lows - from humble beginnings as a comfortable bit of Australian footwear, all the way to lofty status as a fashionista must-have (with some major celebrity endorsements and a bazillion cheap rip-offs along the way). Recent years have seen the obsession cool-off slightly, but those savvy folk at Ugg HQ aren’t going to see their little beauties relegated to the back of the cupboard just yet. Their secret weapon? Lord of the shoes, Mr Jimmy Choo.

Choo has designed a brand new range for Ugg-wearers who like a bit of style with their sheepskin. Officially due to launch in October, the Daily Mail yesterday revealed that a photo of the shoe has been leaked into cyberspace by Nicki Hilton. The heiress posted a photo of the shoe on Twitter, commenting ‘Love my new Jimmy Choo Uggs.’

The shoe, nicknamed the CHUGG, will retail for a mere £695 and is available from October 2010. You may want to hurry though, as they are on ‘exclusive distribution’, which is probably code-speak for ‘we’re aware that only a tiny fraction of the population can afford to spend 700 quid on a slipper’.

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