The most expensive scarf in the world

Christie's yesterday sold the world's most expensive scarf, which reached a phenomenal/ridiculous £3 million at auction. The reason for the scarf's value is not linked to the brand, Ascher, but the designer of the pattern. Ascher asked French designer Matisse to create a print, and the scarf was sold in a limited run of 30.

Ascher's creative director told Vogue, 'I think this result speaks to the originality of the Ascher Artist Squares project, and of course to the genius of Matisse. It makes me very proud that the concept and the collaborations originated by my grandfather are still treasured today.'

Ascher continued in classically pretentious fashion-speak, saying, 'The line between fashion and art is a question of continual and endless debate, however in this case I think there is little room for argument. The original project achieved its success by remaining devoid of commercialism, if we can achieve a fraction of this success in the collaborations we are currently planning we will be extremely happy.'

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