The Mirdle - magic pants for porky men

The mirdle is exactly the type of fashion accessory we would have expected to see Pat Bateman parading around in - had he been a real person.

The male-girdle, or 'mirdle' as it's known in the retail biz is the latest pork concealing undergarment to sweep the male US fashion market. In essence a surgical looking under-bodice for men that no amount of very clever aspirational marketing could ever make anything but. Hideously vile.

The special porker pants are the male answer to Bridget Jones style belly huggers, nipping and tucking cuddly menfolk in all the right places to give them the figure they've always dreamed off. But been too idle to get.

The magic pants have been flying off the shelves over at Saks New York. And according to the Wall Street journal "A growing number of labels are launching elasticized 'shapewear,' 'bodywear,' 'support boxers' and other beer-belly-constricting undergarments for men," in a bid to conquer the worryingly lucrative male primping market.

Legend has it Tom Cruise squeezed into a mirdle for his wedding to Katie Holmes, quietly concealing 20 pounds of unsightly man-fat in the process.

So would you ever? And, would you ever let your boyfriend? This is the question.

Check out the mirdle - in all it's horror

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