The Lola Rose Mookite Bracelet is a piece to be treasured


The range of jewellery on offer at the Lola Rose brand is exceptional and all follows a similar theme. The jewellery is big, generally bright, and meant to be fun. This is not serious jewellery. It does not pretend to be expensive and 'bling'. It is designed as a finishing fixture to an outfit.


Lola Rose has positioned itself in the fashion market rather than jewellery one. The necklaces, bracelets and rings on offer are meant to be accompaniments to your outfit rather than a piece of stand-alone jewellery.

Lola Rose Mookite Bracelet

The Lola Rose Mookite bracelet is of pebble design and comes in a natural earthy brown fading to beige and white. It is bulky and makes a great statement. The colour mookite is almost unique and will go great with a business suit, due to its dark colouring, as well as with a lighter more fun weekend or evening outfit.


As with all Lola Rose jewellery, the Lola Rose Mookite bracelet is affordable, costing only in the region of £40 to £70 depending upon where you purchase it. (Try online for maximum savings).

The price is designed so that it a person can purchase a number of pieces, perhaps a mookite necklace and ring too, to create a whole outfit motif.

Conclusion - Lola Rose Mookite Bracelet

The aim with this fashion range of jewellery is to be both fun, affordable, adaptable and to appeal to a wide audience in the market, with many different tastes and fashion styles.

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