The Lola Rose Flynn necklace is a piece of timeless elegance!

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The Lola Rose Flynn necklace is a beautifully elegant piece that comprises of barrel shaped beads that graduate in size into larger beads placed at the centre. These beads are threaded on to a colour coordinated cord and the necklace fastens by a rope pulling mechanism which has a bead at the end of each cord.

Qvc.co.uk currently have the Flynn necklace on special offer which means that instead of paying the original price of 63 pounds you can now buy it for only 49 pounds! The postage charges are 3.95 within the UK. It is testament to the popularity of this piece to see that only one colour scheme remains available and all the others have sold out!

Comparestoreprices.co.uk is a price comparison website that displays items matching the products that you're looking for. While they initially show a wide range of Lola Rose necklaces, there is only one of the Flynn model which is on sale through House of Fraser and will cost you 65 pounds. Postage charges are free when you shop here.

Shopwiki.co.uk also produces a listing of available options when it comes to buying Lola Rose Flynn necklaces and they also find that the QVC site offers the best deal when it comes to pricing. If you're unsure about online shopping then it's always a good idea to read reviews from past customers as this will show you how trustworthy the site is. QVC offers a review option and also has a star rating for all products that it sells based on previous feedback.

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