The latest fashion nudes

Shoes this season have come in one colour only - and come to think of it, it's not even a proper colour - nude. Thanks to the K-Midds effect, unless you want to become a social pariah, then you have to clad your feet in flesh-coloured tones. Christian Louboutin (obv) has become the go-to man for celebrities, but if you're not made of money, then the high-street have some wonderful versions, Topshop and LK Bennett in particular.

The head of swanky boutique Matches told The Daily Mail, 'A lot of people are now taking their cue from Kate, who is taking the trend to a new audience. But nude footwear has been relevant for many seasons, predominately in the summer, but it filters through into winter with designers such as Chloe. There has been a huge surge in sales across all brands in patent, suede and leather. This summer, Stella McCartney showed patent sandals with everything and they looked beautiful.'

Nude shoes need careful care; look after the leather with petroleum jelly (Vaseline in other words), and clear shoe polish. Team with sheer tights for the full-on Kate Middleton look.

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