The Lady is a Vamp

She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s pretty damn cool and she’s…almost totally unrecognisable in the new Dolce & Gabbana adverts. Scarlett Johansson is once again fronting the campaign for D&G’s new cosmetics range, only this time they have done away with the 50s Hollywood glamour girl look, and opted instead for vampy, corseted, gothic drama.

The Lost in Translation actress is photographed sprawled across a leopard print throw, laced into a two-piece corset. Stefano Gabbana says ‘We wanted to discover a look that truly reflects our ‘story’ from the very beginning - yet truly reflects our reverence for today’s women, epitomized, of course by the divine Scarlett’. His partner Domenico Dolce adds 'it addresses what’s so ineffable about a woman – her fierce sensuality anchored by her innermost femininity'.

She looks pretty fabulous, albeit in a photoshopped-to-the-point-of-robotic kind of way. Gaze at the image for several minutes and eventually you will spot the actress beneath the airbrush. It’s a bit like those magic eye pictures from the 90s.

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