The Hells Angels sue McQueen

Infamous biker group the Hells Angels have had had an unlikely collision with the world of luxury fashion this week, with an announcement that they are suing Alexander McQueen for misuse of the iconic Hells Angels winged death’s head symbol, reports the Financial Times.

According to the very serious sounding Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation, McQueen has produced a number of garments and accessories bearing the biker symbol, without permission, and it stands to profit from the use of their logo.

The complaint that has been filed in a federal court in California states: ‘From decades of notoriety, the HAMC marks have acquired very widespread public recognition, consequently they evoke strong and immediate reactions whenever used. The impact of these marks is virtually incomparable, and as a result they have great commercial value.’

As the symbol also signifies membership to the biker group, anyone wearing the McQueen clothing will be considered an imposter by club members. So don’t even think about trying to sneak into any secret Hells Angels parties, fashionistas. They’ve got their eyes on you.

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