The gaga look

Perhaps not everybody would put a meat dress or plastic bubble outfit at the top of their fashion wish list - impactful they may be, but everyday wearable? We think not. However there’s no denying Lady Gaga’s status as a fashion icon shows no signs of diminishing and now she is set to build on that reputation with her own clothing line, created alongside her sister Natali Germanotta.

Natali, 19, has just completed her first year as a fashion student at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. According to (as yet totally unfounded rumours) she will be designing the collection, with sister Gaga’s input, and according to a source it will be ‘wearable’. Which may seem like stating the obvious when referring to a fashion line, but with Gaga at the helm it’s probably worth mentioning.

The source told Grazia: 'Gaga came up with the idea of remodelling the styles of classic icons from the past, for example Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn. Natali loved the idea and she's coming up with a slew of design options but, of course, everything will have their own iconic twist on it.'

Gaga has refined her style of late, toning down the abattoir/alien/punk-sex-worker vibes and opting instead for a (comparably at least) quieter look courtesy of Versace. Since wearing a dress from the luxury Italian label for her ‘Edge of Glory’ video, Gaga has reputedly struck up a close friendship with Donatella and has promised to wear nothing but Ms V’s designs for the next two months.

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