The Furla Hox: delicious quilty, nylon bags

Quilted nylon is the hugest combination on the lush fashion bag scene this year. Chanel have already launched their 'must have' version in the form of the ultra-chic Coco Cocoon (modelled by Lily Allen,) and less uber expensive, but equally luxurious labels have also been serving up some treats.

Such is the case for Italian bag heavyweights Furla, who, for their next Autumn/Winter collection have teamed up with Hox (market leader in quilted jackets) to create a mini collection of casual-chic bags. (As luck would have it, they're practical too.)

'Furla for Hox' bags are made from an extra lightweight, waterproof nylon quilting, and - just so you get your money's worth, are reversible too. Super soft and spacious, the bags are adorned with the trademark Furla pendant, and will be on sale from September 2009 in selected stores. But the best thing about them? Prices start from 100 euro!

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