The Dimple Life?

Farewell pillow face, ta ra botulism injections, the new kid on the block in the world of surgery is the 'designer dimple'. Thanks to the Chezza effect, surgeons have seen an 11% rise in idiots fans of surgery, asking for 'designer dimples' - or dimpleplasty to give it its medical name. Unfortunately, the dimples are permanent, rather than naturally appearing when the wearer smiles, which we imagine looks a bit creepy.

A spokesman told The Daily Mail, 'There is a worrying rise in demand for 'designer dimples' as women go to ever extreme lengths to look like their favourite celebrities, including Cheryl Cole. The growing phenomenon has hit UK shores after a rapid rise in popularity in America. However, designer dimples are akin to permanent scarring and could turn to designer disasters as the face begins to droop with age.'

Yes, just what the doctor ordered - some 'permanent scarring' to give us that drooping, fashionable look.

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