The Bible turns 50

While Anna Wintour has been at work making her magazine “recession-friendly,” the international Vogue editions have been heading in an artsier direction lately with innovative collaborations all around.

Vogue Australia has also decided to do something a bit different. For its 50th anniversary, the magazine is putting out a commemorative issue (September 2009) featuring the work of famous fashion and celeb illustrator, David Downton.

In four separate covers, Downton sketched Aussie actress Cate Blanchett in vintage styles that recall the days before photography. And she looks just great.

Vogue Australia seems to be on to another good thing,too: While the issue will be sold in a gold box as a limited edition, the price is a mere 12.95 Aussie dollars, which is about 6 quid. Recession-friendly and chic: we like!

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