Tapestry fashion trends

This autumn and winter has seen a particularly rich seam of clothing designs catch the eyes of onlookers at the major catwalks. Tapestry fashion trends are defined by needlepoint newspaper prints, heavily embroidered patterns and bold jacquard fabrics.This imaginative use of eye-catching colours has made an impression in the collections of most of the major designers.

Wearing tapestry fashion items

Designers love to explore different style areas for inspiration. While looking to wall tapestries may not seem to be the most obvious source, the results can be startling. Taking classic print patterns or multi-coloured floral designs, tapestry elements have worked their way into everything from blazers and dresses to Dr Martens boots.

Tapestry fashion trends have been gaining momentum since examples began appearing afterthe summer. Unlike a lot of designer attire which can veer between contemporary minimalism or deliberately surreal patterns, there is a certain homespun charm about these items. Crocheted garments, including blankets, were reinvented as day wear. One label which has been forging ahead with these tapestry patterns is flamboyant Italian designer Irene Traina. Classic examples of her output include wonderfully embroidered floral jackets. These vintage designs harken back to an era when materials weren’t just worn, they were emblazoned across walls as decoration – the bolder and more colourful the better.

Tapestry designs can be the epitome of smart but casual wear. Contrasts have always worked well in fashion, and this is the case when bold flowers and colour schemes are matched with plain rolled-up skinny jeans. Scuffed-up boots will also compliment the look – and the scope for accessorizing with hats or handbags are endless.

The future for tapestry prints

One of the reasons for the upsurge in tapestry fashion trends was the rapid change from summer to autumn this year. Airy dresses rapidly gave way to much richer designs, incorporating everything from gilded embroidery to patterns based on 17th century tapestries. Baroque fabrics are the order of the day, and with everyone from Dolce Gabbana to River Island getting it on the act, thisis a trend that shows no sign of abating.

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