Taming the Shrew?

Um, excuse us, but has anyone seen Kelly Osbourne recently? The goth-loving, pink-haired wild child of Ozzy seems to have disappeared faster than Myspace, to be replaced by a walking, talking 1950’s LA blonde. Kelly has been spotted at pretty much every major event during New York Fashion Week looking barely recognisable with a blonde bouffant hairdo, stunning figure and positively demure smile on her face.

At the G Star RAW Spring Summer 2011 show she revealed a hint of the former punk ‘tude, rocking a black leather look which showed off her new hourglass figure. Over at Betsey Johnson’s show Kelly O was spotted front row in a very elegant floral number. She was clearly thrilled to discover she can now wear sample sizes, as she tweeted after the show: ‘Betsey gave me a dress straight from the runway to wear to her after party! Omg I can't believe it’.

At the Tracy Reese show Kelly was once again sitting front row, next to Denise Richards, looking very sophisticated in black lace dress and blonde extensions. We’re not sure what brought on this new wave of style confidence, perhaps it was her decision to dump fiancé Luke Worrall earlier in the summer, but we certainly approve.

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