Style tips for tall women

If you're a tall woman you probably know how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit right, let alone clothes that flatter your figure and accentuate your bests assets. Our style tips for tall women will help you to dress to impress and increase your self confidence in no time!

1. Look for clothes that emphasise your waist

High waisted trousers and skirts, wide legged trousers and waist belts are all very flattering for tall women. They help to proportion a long torso and give the appearance of an hour glass figure.

2. Highlight your neck

A long graceful neck and d├ęcolletage are assets that you should highlight. Experiment with different necklines, eye catching necklaces and hair styles to accentuate the area.

3. Experiment with separate pieces

Rather than a matching suit, look for separate items in different colours. This breaks up your height and gives a fresher, more flattering look.

4. Don't fear high heels

High heels flatter your curves and add a sexy twist to any outfit. There's no need to live your life in flats just because your tall - opt for shoes that make you feel sexy and confident and you'll look, well, sexy and confident.

5. Rock those over-sized accessories

Being tall means that you can pull off dramatic accessories without looking like you're a little girl playing dress-up. Oversized bags and sunglasses can look fabulous on taller women.

6. Layer your sleeves

Layering sleeves, for example by rolling or bunching up a jacket and wearing a long cardigan underneath, can break up the length of your arms and add a fun twist to an outfit.

7. Experiment with colour

Colour can emphasise your best assets - whether that be your bum, tummy or feet. Tall women shouldn't shy away from dramatic or brightly coloured pieces.

8. Model inspiration

If you need some inspiration for party outfits, hairstyles or accessories, look no further than photos of tall runway models.

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