Tales from the fashion front-line

If you've always dreamt of becoming a fashion stylist, spending your life in a swirl of satins, silks and gossiping sessions with Kate Moss, then stop. Read these 'dotes, from the pen of celeb stylist extraordinaire, Sasha Charnin Morrison, and rethink your ambitions. Tbh, the world of fashion sounds like a real drag...

Sasha told fashionista.com, 'At my first job [as a “below-junior-level assistant” to Marina Schiano at Vanity Fair], I was 21 and I thought i knew everything, but I really didn’t. I was yelled at in English and Italian. I’ve had several things thrown at me. But the big thing that tore Marina and me apart was delivering these dog biscuits to Carolina Herrera’s dog. I had a 104 degree fever and we were doing a Christmas delivery and I was putting the dog biscuit bags in the back of the car and somehow I did something wrong and put the bag in incorrectly. So the bag got a little messed up and maybe the biscuit was broken and that was it. I’ve never been yelled at that loudly. That was the last straw straw, that’s what got me out of Vanity Fair. It’s pretty funny now, though at the time I thought my career was over and that my life was ending.'

Sahsa also addressed the 'fashion crime' that was Gwynnie's pink Oscar dress. She recounted the tale from the Bible of red-carpet disasters, 'So she arrives on the carpet looking very Disney princess. And as she walked down the carpet the dress started to grow. Apparently what had happened was that she took the pads out of the dress that were in the chest. The dresses are built on models. They’re not built on the celebrities unless it’s specifically designed for them. So when she took the pads out it lost it’s structure.' So now you know.

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