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  • Vicky-critical


    Mrs Beckham says we shouldn't discriminate against stick-thin models, they're born that way

  • Posh's spikey shoulders

    Posh's spikey shoulders

    Is that a coat hangar in there or are you just pleased to see me? Posh rocks a shoulder spiking new look

  • Victoria Beckham does rock-chick

    Victoria Beckham does rock-chick

    Lady B goes waaaay out of her style comfort zone at the Fashion Night Out party at New York Fashion week. Check out the stunning transformation.....

  • Victoria Beckham, 'Swings'

    Victoria Beckham, 'Swings'

    Victoria Beckham's advert for her super elegant fall/winter 2009 collection is called 'Swings'. It's quirky and original and it's had us gagging for more

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