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  • Sweet sweet charity

    Sweet sweet charity

    Cheryl raises over £50,000 for charity with her clothes auction

  • Get the Chezza look

    Get the Chezza look

    Cheryl is auctioning off her dresses for charity

  • eBay goes high fashion

    eBay goes high fashion

    Derek Lam will let members of the public vote for their favourite items from his Autumn/Winter collection via eBay

  • Olly Mur, X Factor

    Olly Mur, X Factor

    Not only has Olly got some cheeky little dance moves up his sleeve he's also got a decent soul voice to boot (think Will Young pre vocal training). It'll take a lot to steal the Excite heart away from Danyl Johnson, but could this cheeky chappy be about to tip the scales?

  • American Idol contestant killed in hit and run

    American Idol contestant killed in hit and run

    Alexis Cohen, the angry contestant in this American Idol clip was killed in a hit and run incident on Saturday. Her mother claims she was awaiting a call back after auditioning three times for the show

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