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  • Monogram Ang

    Monogram Ang

    Jolie is announced as the new face of Louis Vuitton

  • Gaga gushes at the CFDA awards

    Gaga gushes at the CFDA awards

    The singer becomes an official Fashion Icon

  • Unedited Charlie Sheen

    Unedited Charlie Sheen

    Full unedited ABC interview with Charlie Sheen

  • Charlie Sheen's WINNING song

    Charlie Sheen's WINNING song

    Charlie Sheen's shock jock comments get the remix treatment

  • Spoof Christian Dior Advert

    Spoof Christian Dior Advert

    Starring Jude Law and 'directed' by Guy Ritchie

  • Lindsay flashes her wares

    Lindsay flashes her wares

    No, this isn't porn, it's art dahling. Actually it's just Lindsay Lohan flashing her wares again. Eyewatering stuff people

  • Jordan's jungle exit

    Jordan's jungle exit

    Jordan sat down for a chat with Ant n Dec and told them all about why she quit the jungle and why she's dumping Alex Reid - as in dumping him now, live on national telly.....

  • Olly Mur, X Factor

    Olly Mur, X Factor

    Not only has Olly got some cheeky little dance moves up his sleeve he's also got a decent soul voice to boot (think Will Young pre vocal training). It'll take a lot to steal the Excite heart away from Danyl Johnson, but could this cheeky chappy be about to tip the scales?

  • Penelope bares all

    Penelope bares all

    Time to brush up on your GCSE Spanish; it's Penelope Cruz in new Almadovar film Los Abrazos Rotos (which we can't wait to see.) Alright, you don't need your phrasebook to hand, there are no words, it's just Penelope topless. Europeans eh

  • Brad for Mayor

    Brad for Mayor

    Brad Pitt talks to the the Today Show about his charity work in New Orleans and why he wouldn't 'stand a chance' of running for Mayor. But just say he did - a big IF - he'd stand for legalizing weed, gay marriage and no religion. Yay Bradley!

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