Swimwear 2014 hot trends: bikinis and more

Long before the hot season begins, the hot swimwear trends are out on the catwalks of the Miami Fashion Week Swim. And judging from what we've seen at the latest runway shows in Miami, the 2014 swimwear trends aim at the wild side of femininity.

Jungle themes, animal inspired prints and patterns, tropical floral motifs dominate the scene in 2014, with bikinis, monokinis and the newest cropped top, sheer insert and crochet trends battling out for the ultimate look of Summer 2014.

Also a big variation on the bikini team is the high waste bikini bottom, we so get those abs toned out if you want to give it a go.

We will see on the beach what women worldwide will choose to wear as the most fashionable but, above all, flattering style. In the meantime, one thing is for sure: it's going to be loads of fun!

One of the designers to propose the jungle theme at the Miami Swim runaway shows, Agua Bendita presents a wonderful collection with highlights such as dauntless monokinis and fringed-crop tops adorned with animal prints and contrasting patterns. Celebrating the sun, orange and red nuances dominated the collection of the Colombian designer duo.

Warm tones of orange also feature in the 2014 Robba swimwear collection, together with lilac and, generally, a taste for soft pastels tones. These, fused together with the animal patterns create a pleasant and original version.

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For the swimwear 2014 collection, Spanish designer Dolores Cortes gets inspiration from both the real jungle and from the urban one. Indeed, punk icons such metal studs and spikes appear in this collection alongside tropical and animal prints, in a successful juxtaposition brightened up by the combination of lush orange and yellow with more subdued tones. Judging by the reaction of the audience at the fashion shows, the combined bikini with golden spiked top and tropical floral printed bottom in one of the most loved pieces on show, so look out for the real trend spotters on the seafront in the 2014!

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