Sweet sweet charity

Last month Cheryl Cole announced that she would be auctioning off some of her iconic X Factor dresses in aid of her new charity The Cheryl Cole Foundation, which aims to help poor communities in the North East of the UK.

Chezza teamed up with ASOS.com for the auction, putting 20 dresses up for grabs. And it looks like she still has the X Factor when it comes to style choices because the garments raised a whopping £48,000 for charity. The auction lasted 2 weeks, with a new piece being released on each week day of the sale and the lowest bid winning the item.

And if that wasn't an impressive enough fundraising total, the ASOS Foundation has announced that it will add a further £10,000 to the pot so the total now stands at £58,000! Cheryl said: 'I am absolutely amazed at the amount of interest the clothes have had and cannot believe how generous you have all been. I can't stop smiling! Thank you all so much.'

Aaaah Cheryl, you're still the Queen of our hearts.

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