Make a fashion statement with Swarovski Elements

  • History

Swarovski is a luxury house selling premium crystals, jewellery, home decor, figurines, lighting and even manufacturing retooling products. Established in 1895 under the name, A. Kosmann, Daniel Swartz Co., it was originally founded as a crystal-cutting factory. Daniel Swarovski's patented cutting and polishing machine was instrumental in building the name. Since then, the family-owned company has grown tremendously and gained international recognition as a premium brand name in the fashion, jewellery and home décor industry.

  • Swarovski Elements

The company's newest line of products is Swarovski elements. These are loose crystals and partly-finished products sold under the brand Swarovski Elements. From top quality accessories to superb jewellery, Swarovski Elements allow you to make a fashion statement.

The range is comprised of two main crystals: Xirius 1088 and Becharmed Pave. The former is handled and cut like a gemstone. It is the brightest among the collection of Swarovski Elements. Among crystals, it is closest to the diamond powered by the ‘Advanced Crystal’ DNA.

Becharmed Pave is a full range of crystals with 3 main categories: ‘Becharmed Bead', 'Becharmed Rondelle’, and ‘Becharmed Pearl’. Except for ‘Becharmed Rondelle, the two groups of crystal are available in a wide array of colours with the familiar brass ring logo of the brand.These crystals are perfect for crafting jewellery sets, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in combination with other materials to make a unique fashion style and statement.

  • Glitzy clothes and accessories

Without doubt, Swarovski has again proven the versatility of its products. Think of creating personalised outfits bedecked with these amazing crystals such as Michael Jackson's costume in the 2009 documentary, "This Is It." You can adorn handbags, berets, skirts, shoes, belts and other accessories with Swarovski Elements making a brilliant fashion statement. There is simply no end to the number of things you can do with these beautiful crystals on hand.

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