Thinking of investing in a Surfanic jacket?

Surfanic are a ski wear company based in London who design great clothing despite the lack of mountains and snow! A Surfanic jacket is designed with technical features galore and made from great quality materials yet is still affordable.

The main Surfanic website, www.surfanic.com,  is the best place to look at the different types and styles of Surfanic jacket available each season. Regularly lauded for its great style and prices, Surfanic ski wear is gaining in popularity. You should expect to pay around £120 for a woman's ski jacket by Surfanic or £100 for a snowboarding jacket although prices can go up to £150. There is also an outlet section on the website with last season's stock and where you can pick up a Surfanic jacket for just £45.

Surfanic ski wear is also stocked by online retailers www.twoseaons.co.uk and www.loveandpiste.co.uk at similarly great prices. This exciting new brand of ski wear is really finding a niche in the market. Loved by amateurs and experienced skiers and snowboarders alike, you can be assured that you are getting great value for money and brilliant quality clothing for your planned ski trip. You can also enjoy the fact that you are less likely to see anyone else on the pistes in the same clothing just yet as it is still less well known than many of the other ski wear brands.

Go and take a look at the Surfanic jacket if you are considering investing in some new ski wear. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the range on offer and the quality and prices of the clothing for sale.

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