Supportive bikinis are what keeps you sexy for the summer!

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Supportive bikinis are not the sole domain of the fuller figured woman. Traditionally undergarments that were labelled "supportive" were heavy and restricted movement but not anymore!

Now many bikini tops have discreet underwire support or subtle padding. If you have a large bust then choosing a well cut bikini that features pretty yet supportive straps is always an option. Marks and Spencers have an extensive selection of swimwear and you can choose what you're looking for based on your shape!

You can choose to shop for a curvy, apple or pear figure amongst others and this means that you get to view a selection that's actually relevant to you! The M&S swimwear range are sold as separates and there's also matching items available with certain ranges.

If you find something you like then you can scroll through the reviews from people who have purchased it previously which may give you a better insight before committing to buy.

Currently you will receive a 25% discount on most bikinis when you reach the checkout stage as Marks and Spencers are now having seasonal reductions!

The eyelet halterneck bikini top is fully lined and has an original retail price of £19.50 while the matching bottoms cost £15. That means a saving of £8.60 at least once you sign in to pay! If you prefer the support of an underwire, you can expect to pay the very reasonable price of £14.50 for the entire bikini and then enjoy the additional 25% reduction right now!

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