Superdry Clothing

Superdry is a British cult clothing brand owned by SuperGroup Plc. They sell internationally and combine vintage styling with American clothing, famous for its Japenese inspired graphics. The brand sells clothing for both men and women, and is most notable for its shirts for women and its jackets and jeans for men.

Superdry Clothing Quality

Superdry is renowned for its superior clothing quality. One of its most noticeable difference with other brands is the thickness of its shirts and the quality of fabrics used in its production. Their jeans use a high quality denim and stitching and jackets are made with the same characteristic thick fabrics.

Because of this, Superdry clothing lasts longer than non-brand clothing, and has been described as lasting longer than other clothing brands by some customers.

Advertising and Sales

Superdry is very subtle in its advertising techniques; they don't use celebrity endorsement for their products and usually don't have shop-wide sales, limiting their sales to a very few items.


Superdry's clothing line is a typical brand name with prices range from £40 - £60 for shirts and higher for other clothing. Some jeans can cost up or over £100, where jackets are also similiar. However, many consider this a good investment, as Superdry's quality stitching and fabrics ensure they last longer than their competitors.

Shopping Outlets

You can purchase authentic Superdry clothing from one of their 700 stores across the UK. Usually, they are located on busy high street shopping areas, or shopping superstores. You can also purchase Superdry clothing from its online store, or from its own shop on eBay.

Superdry is also present in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, so it's possibly to purchase their clothing internationally.

Returns Policy

Superdry offer a 28 days return policy on their clothing, which applies for their stores and online. You may have to check their specific returns policy, but usually returns are fully refunded for items that are damaged or described as poor quality after purchase. For items that don't fit, some stores only offer an exchange, but online stores may offer a full refund.

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