Super delicious luxury easter eggs

Christmas was all of five minutes ago. And now it's Easter. Which means it's already time to start stuffing our porky chops with chocolate again. And nothing against our usual Cadbury's Button egg..but this year we want luxury. An egg so heavy, well packaged - and above all, posh, that every mouthful will have us patting ourselves on the back in thanks.

And because we wouldn't like to get fat alone. We've hatched a neat little guide to some of the most stylish and scrumptious eggs on the market this Easter.

Hotel Chocolat - The Caramellow Egg could actually be the mother of all gratutiously luxurious caramel eggs. EVER. We had to get our hammer out to crack through this rock hard nut-choc exterior. But once we were in. The rewards were really very sweet. As Hotel Chocolat put it "A rather large milk chocolate egg with lashings of cookies, puffed rice and chocolate chunks, together with 34 chocolates following the themes of crispy texture and gorgeous caramel flavour notes." Worth every 48 pounds.

Thorntons - tired and cliched it may be. But disgustingly good it still is. Feast your eyes on this big fella. Sides thick as a block of concrete, 'The Extra Large Lovely Egg is what you'd call 60 squibs extremely well spent. Not only does it come in an especially posh looking box (yes - there are shiny ribbons), it's also 'decorated with 26 chocolates from the most popular Thorntons ranges including Continental, Classics & Dessert Gallery'. Goodness us we're drooling.

Amelie Chocolat - Initially we were drawn to this chocolate merchant by the name. Amelie being one of our favourite films and all. Then we realised their Luxury Truffle Egg was 390grammes of egg filled with booze - and we got really giddy. For 21.99 you can choose your own shell colour, dark, milk, white, and have the thing delivered right to your door in a day. We've ordered one in every colour.

Prestat - Have basically got it sewn up when it comes to Sloaney rich chocolate. And the White Chocolate and Banoffee Egg is no exception. This elegant beauty looks as well groomed as we imagine the Prestat purveyors are. It's bulging with banoffee truffles..and yours for a paltry 21.99.

Chocolate Trading Company - get extra points for having a laugh with their eggs. One of the Easter specialities which caught our eye was this box of Chocolate Hens Eggs. Looks like you're getting a carton of stinky ordinary eggs - but when you crunch through the shelly exterior theres a surprise in store. "Inside each real egg shell is a delicious filling of superior quality, milk chocolate praline".

And if that hasn't got you salivating like a dog waiting for his dinner. We don't know what will.

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