Cool sunglasses trends in 2015

Everyone knows how important it is to protect the eyes from both natural or man-made elements. Sunglasses are there so you can have the best of both worlds by protecting your eyes and at the same time having a cool style. If you want to know what the sunglasses trends in 2015 are, we show you what to expect in the coming months.

What’s on the horizon

Whether you are going for a cruise or skiing down the slopes, sunglasses are going to make sure your eyes are protected and taken care of from the glare of the bright sun. It also creates a mood whether you want to have the air of being mysterious or simply look chic. Here is a scenario of the hottest sunglasses trends in 2015 so you know what to expect in the coming year.

  • Bejewelled glasses

Women will love shining glasses that will hug the limelight. Think of ornate shades embellished in Swarovski crystals, glitter or rhinestones. For Example, Edith Piaf styled glasses by A. Morir will be a stunning piece.

  • Geometric shades

Imagine square glasses in a rigid frame that makes you look like a serious professor or someone from the vintage era. Prada’s sunglasses for men exactly fit the bill.

  • Round sunglasses

Curvy and shapely round glasses are going to be popular again with frames reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. Take a look at Dior or Vinson sunglasses.

  • Cat eye shaped sunglasses

Sophisticated, cool and chic – these are the words you can use to describe one of the hottest trends in sunglasses next year. In a similar tone, take a look at the classic aviator sunglasses that is always on the scene.


Then, there is an exciting sunglasses trends in 2015 in the form of unisex sunglassses as a collaboration between Imgur and Westward Leaning. These limited edition shades are going to serve a dual purpose – protect the eyes from the sun and the computer screen. Now, if that ain’t cool then we don’t know what is.

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